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          MGC Slideshow is a real-time image viewer with beautiful artistic transition effects that combines simplicity and sophistication into one compact package. The program has full image list management capabilities and it allows for various sorting options and flexible navigation during display. Additionally, there is a handy image resizing utility that people with large image collections will find useful for e-mail and portable devices.

The latest version of Slideshow is 1.00.  Download it here.  
  MGC Slideshow offers image selection, ordering, and list management with a few mouse clicks. You can choose several directories and include all subdirectories as well for large photo collections.

You can quickly preview the selected images as well as all their stats complete with EXIF info and exclude any images you don't want to present. Slideshow lists can be saved for later use.

Several sorting options make even familiar photo sets look fresh and exciting with an unexpected and yet esthetically pleasing sequencing.
  Many image presentation options are available: from several dramatic transition effects to the innovative Fit-Fill control that allows for dynamic image cropping appropriate for your needs.

Background color, variable border, and artistic matte frame all add to the visual appeal of a photograph making it into the finished work of art.

You can easily adjust transition speed, the time image stays on the screen, and other key parameters.
  Beautiful image effects make your images "pop" and showcase their best qualities. Choice of framing colors is completely automatic and happens in real time through sophisticated image analysis.

Images are also optionally enhanced with auto light balance and increased color intensity.
  Finally, a simple but powerful image resizing utility allows you to take most image processing features of the MGC Slideshow to your device or add them to the e-mail versions of your photo collection.

With a single click of a mouse you can process all the images in the current image list and store the results in any preset location.

The latest version of Slideshow is 1.00.  Download it here.  
Slideshow is distributed under shareware model and can be registered at  ShareIt  for $29.
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